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Meth Screening


People using Meth is becoming a bigger issue in our society and it could be putting both people and properties at serious risk.


Meth contamination, which is invisible and has no smell, is a very real issue that can cost thousands of dollars to remediate. It is estimated that around 20% of contamination problems are linked to labs; 80% to meth users.


Australia has the highest number of meth users per capita in the English-speaking world, and that number is now three times higher than it was in 2011. In NSW, the number of meth labs has doubled over the past six years.


You may not realise it, but the biggest threat to rental properties is not meth labs, its meth users. Smoking meth inside regularly can contaminate a home and regular smoking of the drug can return contamination readings as high as those produced by a meth lab.


With the meth (ICE) epidemic in Australia on the rise, it is impossible to tell if your tenants have fallen into the world of this devastating drug by visual inspections alone and if you don’t discover it quickly, then your property could be devalued and cause harm to future occupants.


There is a solution;


Regular Screening for Rental Properties

We recommend rental properties are screened regularly for meth residue. Not only does it ensure early detection, when remediation is less likely to be expensive, it also deters tenants from using or making meth on your property.


Screening between Tenancies

There is a future possibility for landlords to be held liable for tenants’ health problems that arise from exposure to meth residue within their rented property(s). Screening for meth residue between tenancies ensures that you are seen to be living up to your responsibility to provide a home that is fit for purpose.

Note: Decontamination can be covered by some Landlord Insurance, in some cases providing you have been screening in-between tenancies. We suggest you discuss this directly with your own insurer.


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